Geoffrey Owens Has To Pay The Bills Like The Rest Of Us

The myth about Hollywood is that once an actor has a successful career, they are set for life.

The reality is much different.

The most recent kerfuffle going around the Internet is that actor Geoffrey Owens, best known for playing the Huxtable’s son-in-law on The Cosby Show was photographed while working at a Trader Joe’s in New Jersey.

I’m not an actor, nor do I have the want the desire to become an actor. However, I know enough to understand that most actors are not pulling in six or seven figures. The work, if they are lucky enough to get it, can be consistent, but sometimes it isn’t. There is nothing wrong with an honest day’s work, whether you are acting in front of a camera, or if you are sweeping floors.

Everyone has to be pay their bills and if Geoffrey Owens is paying his bills by working at a retail job, so be it.

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