Christine Blasey Ford Should Testify, But Only After The FBI Investigation Is Complete

In today’s news, Christine Blasey Ford, the Professor who accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were in high school, agreed to testify.

However, she has conditions before she takes the stand.

A condition that I would add to the list is a thorough investigation of the incident by the FBI before she testifies.  Unfortunately, this will not likely be done.

In addition to the fuel that has already been added to the fire, you know who put in his unwanted two cents today. He asked if there was a police report and if there is no police report, why it wasn’t reported.

The reasons for not reporting sexual assault and rape are many: fear of retribution, fear of not being believed, shock, disbelief, protecting a loved one who might take revenge on their own terms, etc.

You know who does not get it and never will.  However, I do hope that the Senate Judiciary committee will and not confirm Brett Kavanaugh.

If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, he will likely set this country back twenty years in ways I do not want to imagine.


Thoughts On the 20th Anniversary of Will & Grace

20 years ago today, an auspicious television series made it’s debut.

Will & Grace is the story of two best friends sharing a New York City apartment. Will Truman (Eric McCormack) is a gay lawyer. Grace Adler (Debra Messing) is a straight interior designer. Joined at the hip since college, Will and Grace are each other’s other half. Joined by Will’s wacky constantly out of work actor friend, Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) and Grace’s always buzzed assistant/socialite Karen Walker (Megan Mullally), this foursome has become an icon of modern television.

What the audience did not know is while they were laughing, they were also being educated about the LGBTQ community. Before Will & Grace, gay characters were often stereotypes or side characters who were not given the opportunity to shine. Will & Grace opened hearts, minds and helped to lead the way for many of gains that the LGBTQ community has made over the last two decades.

I have been a fan of Will & Grace from nearly the beginning. It has made me laugh, it has made me cry and most of all, it has made me think.

Happy 20th anniversary, Will & Grace!


Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love Book Review

One of my favorite aspects when it comes to Jane Austen’s novels is that her stories still ring true to readers in the early 21st century as  much as they did in early 19th century. This has led to the explosion of Jane Austen fanfiction, for better or for worse.

In 2016, Holidays with Jane: Summer of Love, was published. Each of her six completed novels is condensed into modern short stories that are set in and around summertime and summer vacation. I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it because I felt like the writers achieved the delicate balance of being true to Jane’s novels while letting the modern version of the characters shine.

I recommend it.


Flashback Friday-Tanked (2011-Present)

For many, when choosing a pet, the easiest option is fish. Unlike other pets, these animals require less work than a dog or a cat. When the decision has been made to acquire fish as a pet, the first option is the local pet store.

Tanked (2011-present) takes the idea of the store-bought fish tank and explodes the idea of what it can be. Brett Raymer & Wayde King are the owners of Acrylic Tanks Manufacturing or ATM. Every episode, their staff creates unique fish tanks for their wealthy and famous clientele. Along the way, there are hiccups, but somehow, by the time credits roll, the fish tank is completed and the owners are blown away by the new edition to their home or office.

Tanked is one of those reality shows that does not feel like a brain drain. There is almost a will they or won’t they feelings about the show, especially considering the extravagant tanks and how time-consuming it is to create them.

I recommend it.

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