Flashback Friday-Tristan + Isolde (2006)

The story of forbidden love is akin to catnip for many writers. The question is, can the writer or writers create a story that stands out from the pack?

In the 2006 film, Tristan + Isolde, James Franco plays Tristan, a prince who is second in line to the British throne. Sophia Myles plays Isolde, the princess from an Irish clan who is feuding with the British. Needless to say, this is not a match that would be approved by either side. Isolde marries Marke (Rufus Sewell), but does not forget the man she loves. Will the lovers be able to build a life together or will they be fated to hide their love to survive?

The film is based on the story of a mythical, yet forbidden love between Cornish Knight and an Irish Princess. The problem with this film is that unlike another famous tale of forbidden love (Romeo and Juliet), it does not have same oomph. While it helps that Rufus Sewell’s character is the main reason that the lovers are kept apart, even he cannot save this film.

Do I recommend it? Not really.


Flashback Friday-The Biggest Loser (2004-2016)

It’s not exactly a secret that obesity is becoming one of the biggest health problems in America.

Therefore, it’s not much a stretch to understand that the topic looked like a goldmine for reality television.

The Biggest Loser was on the air from 2004-2016. The format of the program was like any other competition reality show. All of the contestants at the beginning of each season were seriously overweight and/or obese. The goal of the show was not just to win the cash prize, but to lose the the most weight.

While on the outside, the premise of the show has semi-good intentions. It is a reality show, but it could, in the right light, inspire viewers to live a healthier lifestyle. However, given the accusations of extreme conditions and weight loss of the contestants, The Biggest Loser does not look that great.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

Jane & Me: My Austen Heritage Book Review

To be related to someone famous is both a blessing and a curse. One on hand, it opens doors. But on the other hand, there is a certain expectation because of one’s famous relation.

Caroline Jane Knight is the fifth great-grandniece of Jane Austen. She is the last descendant of the Austen/Knight family (she is directly descended from Edward Austen Knight, Jane’s brother who was adopted by wealthy and childless cousins)  to reside in Chawton, the Knight family residence for centuries. In her new book, Jane & Me: My Austen Heritage, Caroline writes about what it was like to grow up in the home and the shadow of one of the world’s most respected authors.

Currently residing in Australia, Ms. Knight was not always comfortable with her heritage. But over time, she grew to accept and love that she comes from the Austen family.

I absolutely recommend it.

P.S. I recommend that you purchase the book if you can. For every book that is purchased, a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation.

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