Thoughts On The Resignation Of Nikki Haley

Last week, former South Carolina Governor and current UN Ambassador Nikki Haley announced that as of the end of this year, she would be resigning as UN Ambassador.

The thing that strikes me about Ms. Haley is that unlike other former members of you know whose administration, she was not picked because of business connections or partisan politics. She appears to be mature, thoughtful, professional and honestly working for the American people.

She has also supported Israel in a way that feels authentic and non-partisan. When Israel has been accused of defending herself against hostile neighbors and the UN has blamed Israel for human rights violations, Ms. Haley stood up for Israel.  She understands that America and Israel have a lot in common and must use that common ground to secure Democracy and security for future generations.

Only time will tell who replaces Ms. Haley and how that relationship changes with the rest of the world But I hope that you know who will choose someone as wisely as he did when he chose Ms. Haley to represent the United States in the UN.



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