A Star Is Born Movie Review

For every performer that succeeds in Hollywood, there are many who stand on the cusp of success, but never achieve it.

In the new movie, A Star Is Born, Jack (Bradley Cooper) is a rock star with a capital R. He also has issues with drinking and drug addictions. In a drag bar after a show, Jack meets Ally (Lady Gaga). Ally can sing like nobody’s business, but has yet to even get close to a career as a musician. She has to earn her living in a restaurant while singing in a drag bar.

Jack persuades Ally to sing at one of his concerts. Soon, their personal relationship blooms as quickly as Ally’s career. But while Ally is finally seeing her dream become a reality, she is dealing with the breakdown of her relationship and Jack’s issues getting the best of him.

Every word of praise that has been uttered for this film is entirely earned. As star, director and co-screenwriter, Bradley Cooper throws himself into the film. Unlike other actors who have thought themselves to be able to direct and star in a film, Cooper is able to do so while creating a realistic portrait of a musician who is letting his demons overshadow his professional achievements.¬† For her part, Lady Gaga is an exception actress. It’s one thing to play a character in a reboot, its another thing to play character in a film that has been rebooted twice since the original film made it’s debut. Stepping into the shoes of Janet Gaynor (1937), Judy Garland (1954) and Barbra Streisand (1976), Lady Gaga plays the role of Ally as if she was born to do so.

I absolutely recommend it. I would not be surprised if A Star Is Born does well come award season.

A Star Is Born is presently in theaters. 


Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher

Dear Carrie

Happy Birthday, wherever you are.

This year is two years since you left this world. Two years since your snark, your intelligence, your biting wit, your openness about your battle with mental illness  and your undeniable love for the Star Wars fans faded into memory.

I watched The Last Jedi last night. Though Leia’s narrative is only a small part of the overall narrative, you were fantastic. While we can only imagine where Leia’s character arc might be going in Episode 9, the legacy of her strength, intelligence, courage and heart will forever live on.

I’ve spoken often on this blog about my own battles with mental illness. You continue to inspire myself and thousands, if not millions of others who battle mental illness daily. While it kept you down temporarily, it never forced out of the game completely.

While we continue to mourn your loss, you live on in the memory of family, colleagues, friends and fans.

RIP. In the words of our mutual ancestors, may your memory continue to be a blessing.



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