Throwback Thursday-16 and Pregnant (2009-2014)

Becoming a parent is the hardest task anyone can take on.

It’s even more difficult when the mom to be is still a child herself. 16 and Pregnant aired on MTV from 2009-2014. Each episode follows four young ladies who find themselves to be pregnant. Not only must they deal with everything that comes with being a teenager, they are also faced with the fact that within a matter of months, they will have a child of their own to raise and care for.

Shot documentary style, 16 and pregnant explores what it is like to have a baby when you are still a baby yourself. Some have argued that this program glamorizes what it is like to become a teenage parent. Other have argued that it has helped to decrease the level of teen births in America. I watched this show briefly as an adult, so I can only review the show based on my experiences as an adult. My perspective on 16 and Pregnant is that while it is still a reality show, it takes a hard look at a what it is like to make adult decisions when you are still young yourself.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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