Too Little, Too Late Megyn Kelly

There is a shameful history of blackface in American culture.

Earlier this week, Megyn Kelly made some rather controversial comments in regards to blackface when it comes to dressing up for Halloween.

As of earlier today, her show is likely cancelled and her contract with NBC is likely to be nullified.

I am not African-American, but I am a part of a minority group. The pain of being stereotyped and dehumanized for someone else’s entertainment when you do not have the power to respond and/or protest is a feeling that I would wish on no one.

While I would not wish anyone to be fired from their job, in this case, I believe that cancelling the show and firing it’s star is the right way to go.  Racism and discrimination in 2018 should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, Megyn Kelly’s comments proved that once again, both are alive and well in America.



Flashback Friday-My Super Sweet 16 (2005-2008)

For many young people, turning 16 is a birthday to remember. Some decide to have a simple celebration. Others decide to go out all out.

This is the premise of the MTV series, My Super Sweet 16 (2005-2008). Each episode focuses on one teenage boy or girl who is about to turn sixteen and have a blowout of a birthday party. Usually, the teen’s parents are well off financially and can pay for more than the average sweet sixteen. Viewers expected at least one tantrum from the birthday boy or girl, the demand for a celebrity to perform or wildly expensive outfits.

I think the perspective of the show depends on the individual who is watching the show. The teenager might watch with envy, wishing to have a birthday party as out there as the subject of the episode. The adult might roll their eyes, knowing that the youngsters on-screen do not know as much as they think they know.

Do I recommend it? Maybe, it depends on your age.

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