Flashback Friday-America’s Got Talent (2006-Present)

We are all born with a talent for something. The question is, do we act on that talent or do we let it sit by the wayside?

In the summer of 2006, a new competition program aired on NBC. Entitled America’s Got Talent, the premise of the show is simple: anyone who believes that they have some sort of performing ability can audition for celebrity judges. Contestants who survive to the live round will then be judged by the viewing public. In the end, one contestant wins the cash prize and a show of their own in Las Vegas.

America’s Got Talent is one of those shows that I look forward to every summer. It’s simple, but there is pleasure in it’s simplicity. We cheer for the underdogs, those who are fighting for their dreams, but are just being denied at every turn. We want them to win because we gain hope through their victory.

I recommend it.


A Judge Has Ordered The White House To Reinstate Jim Acosta’s Press Pass. How Long Before The Twitter Temper Tantrum Starts?

The cornerstone of any thriving democracy is freedom of the press. When this freedom is severely curtailed or taken away, that is a sure of sign of a dictatorship.

Last week, The White House revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass. Today a judge reinstated it on the basis that revoking the press pass infringed on Mr. Acosta’s First Amendment rights. Standing behind Mr. Acosta was not just CNN, but other media outlets, including Fox News.

How long before the man-child who unfortunately bears the title of President Of The United States take a tantrum on Twitter?

Anyone who knows me or has read this blog knows that I completely disagree with anything and everything that comes from Fox News. However in this case, I have to applaud whomever made the decision to stand up for freedom of the press. When this essential freedom is denied to one, it is denied to all. We can disagree from here to eternity about who is right and who is wrong when it comes to politics. I have no issue with that, the ability to disagree but still live with one another is what makes America a great country. But when it comes to our basic freedoms, if we don’t stand up for them, they could disappear and we would never know it.

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