He Gassed Children. What Else Is There To Say?

America is a land of immigrants. Most, if not all us (excluding those who are Native American) can say that at some point in history, someone in their family left their homeland for a new life in America.

The latest news in the war over our national immigration policy that the Border Patrol sent in by you know who to control the caravan coming up from Central America and Mexico gassed innocent people who were simply there to ask for asylum. The migrants in this caravan are not hoodlums and thugs who want to enter the United States and cause trouble. These are ordinary civilians, who want a better life for themselves and their families. What’s worse is that children were caught up in this melee and were affected by the gas.

I understand the frustration on both sides. I also understand that not everyone who wants to come into the United States will be let in. However, to indiscriminately fire tear gas at women and children is inhumane. But given you know’s stance on immigration, this is nothing new and just another reason why he is ill qualified for the position he was elected to.

P.S. Did anyone else notice that the White House tried to keep the new report on climate change quiet on Friday, hoping that we would still be either still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner or paying more attention to the flat screen TVs that were 50% off to notice? Climate change is real and will have a drastic effect on every aspect of our lives, if it has not had a drastic effect already. If I were a betting woman, I would say that he would only believe it when he cannot access both Mar-a-lago and Trump Tower due to rising sea levels. But I am not betting woman, I am just asking questions.


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