Throwback Thursday-Monsters Inside Me (2009-Present)

One of the more medically dangerous things about the world that we live in is that there are tiny/microscopic creatures who can do major damage to our bodies.

The Animal Planet television program, Monsters Inside Me (2009-Present) tells the story of real individuals who are sick due to infections and parasites. It’s up their doctors to find the cause of their illness and diagnose them before it is too late. Using interviews with real life medical professionals and the person who has contracted the illness, computer generated footage of the cause of the illness and a retelling of the subject’s story using actors, Monsters Inside Me tells an almost scary tale of real life horrors.

Monsters Inside Me is one of those shows that despite the graphic nature of the program, it is addictive. There is a message in some episodes about simple preventative measures we can take (i.e putting on bug spray or wearing shoes when going into the backyard in the warmer months).

I recommend it.


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