A Gift to Remember: A Novel Book Review

Sometimes, the dream of romance does not match the reality.

In the 2013 novel, A Gift to Remember: A Novel, by Melissa Hill, Darcy Archer is dreamy-eyed bookworm. She works in an independent bookstore in Manhattan and is looking for her version of the romantic fictional hero.

On her way to work one day, Darcy hits a guy with her bicycle. As he is taken to the hospital, Darcy decides that the best thing to do in the short term is to take in his dog. Her plan is to return the dog to his master, whose name she discovers is Aidan. As Aidan recovers in the hospital and tries to regain his memory, Darcy tries to piece together who this man is. Along the way, she starts to put together a picture of who he is, which may or may not be correct. She also starts to wonder if Aidan the guy she has been looking for.

I have mixed feelings about this book. While I appreciate that Darcy has a deep appreciation for books, I wish there was more to her. I also find it inconceivable that one can live in Manhattan on a retail salary without living with multiple roommates or living in an apartment the size of a shoe box.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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