Thoughts On Last Night’s Presidential Speech

Since the advent of the public airwaves, every President has used the medium of radio and/or television to communicate with the nation.

A certain person is no different.

Last night, he briefly spoke to the nation emphasizing the need for the wall. I would have hoped that he would have tried a different tactic, but it was the same bullsh*t he has been shoveling at us for weeks: immigrants (especially brown and black-skinned immigrants) are a danger to this country and the Democrats are to blame.

There was no recognition of his part in this matter, no willingness to compromise. Just my way or the highway. How much longer will he hold this nation hostage over a wall that is a waste of American (not Mexican) tax dollars and does nothing to resolve the issues with the immigration system? The Democrats are willing to do their part, why he can’t he?

The problem is that he is pandering to his base instead of speaking to the whole country. And instead of relying on facts, he is relying on lies and half-truths. Unfortunately, we have become accustomed to his pandering and his half-truths over the past two years.

Pandering to your base and telling half-truths does not a President make. Unfortunately he does not understand that and probably never will.

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