Flashback Friday-Worst Cooks in America (2010-Present)

For some food is more than physical sustenance. It is joy, it is pleasure and the creation of the food only adds to that joy. But for others, cooking is akin to a science experiment that has the potential to go very, very badly.

Worst Cooks in America premiered on Food Network in 2010. It has been a staple of the network’s schedule since then. The contestants on the program cannot cook to save their lives. Guided and judged by several well-known and well-respected celebrity chefs, the contestants learn how to create various dishes. The winner of the competition is the contestant who proves to three food critics that they can create a  restaurant style three course menu and lose the title of the worst cook in America.

Worst Cooks in America is an interesting program, at least from my perspective. While it falls in the “reality competition show” genre, it also teaches viewers about the proper preparation of food. Learning does not end when we leave the classroom. Sometimes, we can learn something from a reality show.

I recommend it.

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