Flashback Friday-Pop-Up Video (1996-2002)

Compared the course of the history of music, the music video comparatively speaking, is still a new format. But like anything in life, one can only watch so many music videos before it becomes overkill.

This is where Pop-Up Video comes in. Airing on VH1 from 1996 to 2002, the program added to the music videos by including brief tidbits of information that had something to do with the song or the artist(s).

What I liked about Pop-Up Video is that the information that popped up was not just bland facts. Some of the pop ups contained trivia and some contained details that could be construed as naughty by some viewers. Looking back, I remember enjoying Pop-Up Video because you never knew which videos would be chosen and what information was going to be shared during the video.

I recommend it.

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