Flashback Friday-I Love…(2002-2014)

Nostalgia is a power thing.

A few years ago, VH1 banked on this nostalgia when the networked aired the “I Love…” Series. Airing from 2002-2014, the program examined the pop culture, historical and political events of the period and interviewed celebrities who would humorously comment on the events from the time.

“I Love…” is in my humble opinion, one of the best series that VH1 ever produced. It was fun, it was engaging and unlike other programs that were on the VH1 schedule, I didn’t feel like my brain was dying from watching frivolous reality shows. It was also pure nostalgia, which is always fun.

I recommend it.


Thoughts On International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day.

Instead of writing about women that we all know about, I want to talk about the women who I have come from.

My mother, coming of age during the second wave of feminism in the 1960’s and 1970’s. As an adult, she balanced work, marriage and motherhood. Granted, it was a not easy at times, but to watch my mother do it all was and still is awe-inspiring.

My grandmothers, first generation Americans and members of the Greatest Generation. Born during WWI, growing up during the Great Depression and coming of age during World War II, they understand perseverance in the face of hardship.

My great-grandmothers, born in the shtetls and towns of Eastern Europe. They faced poverty and discrimination at every turn. They came to America, looking for the freedom and opportunities that did not exist in the lands of their birth. They worked in sweatshops and lived in crowded tenement buildings. They fought for their rights as women and workers. It was not paradise, but their fortitude and courage paved the way for future generations.

I am proud to have these women in my family tree.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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