In Another Time: A Novel Book Review

In an ideal world, love would be love would be love. The person who we love would be judged by who they are instead of being judged by factors such as race, sex, religion, etc. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. When we are growing up, many of us are told by our elders that we should fall in love and marry someone because he or she is the same race, religion or comes from the same part of the world as we do.

In the new novel, In Another Time: A Novel, by Jillian Cantor, Max Beissinger and Hanna Ginsberg are young and in love. But the world they live in is doing everything it can to keep them apart. Max, a bookstore owner is Christian. Hanna, a concert violinist, with talent and drive to burn, is Jewish. In their world of early 1930’s Germany, their relationship is forbidden. But Max has a secret that makes him disappear for long stretches of time-a secret which could save Hanna’s life.

In 1946, Hanna wakes up in a field outside of Berlin. With no memory of the last ten years and no information about Max, she moves to London to live with her sister’s family. Her only solace is her music. But even with her music and working toward her dream of becoming a professional musician, Max is never from her thoughts.

I’ve many Holocaust books, but this book is different for a couple of reasons. It’s different because many Holocaust books focus solely on the experience of the Jews. In this book, the Christian characters are given a spotlight, which is nice change of pace. There is also a science fiction element to the narrative, making it rise above the standard Holocaust novel.

I have to commend the author, from one writer to another writer. Many writers attempt to create parallel narratives in different time periods in which different characters carry the narrative, but few are able to do so in a way that does not confuse or lose the reader along the way. Ms. Cantor is able to jump between time periods and first person character point of views while keeping the reader engaged.

I recommend it.

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