Thoughts on Eva.Stories

One would have to be living under a rock these days to not see the impact that social media is playing on our lives. This is especially true with young people, who have taken to social media like a duck takes to water.

We live in a world where hate and prejudice are becoming not only more prevalent, but also acceptable. This year is the 80th anniversary of the beginning of the Holocaust. When it comes to the Holocaust and other such massacres of minorities because they are different, we often say that to forget history is to repeat it.

As the survivors die due to age and waning health, it up to us to tell their stories and remember those who did not survive. We must also find a way to reach our young people so they can learn the lessons of the past.

Enter the Instagram page, Eva.Stories. The basic question of the account is what if a Jewish young girl living in Nazi occupied Hungary during World War II had Instagram? Based on a true story, Eva is a 13 year old girl who is no different than any other 13 year old girl. But she is living in a world that is becoming increasing hostile to her.

The best way to reach a young person is to speak to them on their level. This Instagram account is the absolute perfect way to speak to the kids today. It is also of paramount importance that we do so, if we are to hopefully prevent the Holocaust or any massacre of that ilk from ever happening again.


Flashback Friday-Something Borrowed, Something New (2013-2014)

The process of shopping for a wedding dress is often stressful and complicated. Everyone around the bride has an opinion on what she should wear and often is not afraid to share that opinion. But what if the bride has to choose between a dress of her own choice and a dress that has been worn previously?

This is the premise of the TLC program, Something Borrowed, Something New (2013-2014). Each episode, the woman who is getting married must make a choice. She must either choose from a brand new wedding dress or choose to wear the wedding dress of a family or friend that has been altered in some way.

Among the wedding themed shows that are part and parcel of the TLC schedule, I found this show to be compelling. The question of going your own way with a wedding dress or wearing an altered version of someone else’s dress was a different take on the wedding themed program. But as compelling as it was, it was enough to sustain the show beyond one season.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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