If She Was a Size 2, I Bet You That No One Would Have Said Anything

If you can, I want you to please imagine the following: its a warm summer day. The pool in your apartment complex is calling your name. You put on a one piece pink bathing suit and head out to the pool with your fiance.

Instead of enjoying the time outside, you are approached by building staff and told that your choice of swimwear is inappropriate. You have three choices: change your suit, put on a cover up or leave. Sadly, this happens frequently this time of year. In June of 2017, this happened to Tori Jenkins.

If I was a betting woman, I would say that if Ms. Jenkins was a size 2 and wore a two piece that was barely there, no one would have said anything. But because she has curves, she was body shamed and told that her one piece, modest swim suit was going to “excite” teenage boys.

As I see it, this story says once again that there is a double standard when it comes to women’s bodies. A woman is who size 2 and shows off nearly everything is left alone. But a woman who has curves and shows off those curves is considered to be a problem.

I would love to say that over the last few years, things have changed. A woman is not judged by the size label on her clothes, but by who she is as a person. But it is obvious that we have a long way to go before this judgement is nonexistent.


Author: Writergurlny

I am Brooklyn, NY born and raised writer who needs writing to find sanity in an insane world. To quote Charlotte Bronte: “I'm just going to write because I cannot help it.”

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