A Week That Ends in Bloodshed

For many, Friday is their favorite day of the week. It means that the work and school week has ended. They have two days to relax and focus on what they would like to do instead of what they need to do.

Yesterday, the week ended in bloodshed in Virginia. A gunman entered a building in Virginia Beach, intent on murder. When all was said and done, thirteen people (the gunman included) were dead and four were injured.

I don’t know what it will take for our politicians to enact sensible gun control laws. How many innocent Americans must perish before they do something?

Enjoy your weekend.

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One response to “A Week That Ends in Bloodshed

  1. Hi from Anne, I am very sorry about the shooting as I am about all of them. However, I do have a different viewpoint that comes from my many years that I have walked this earth for a good many years and have read and seen a lot of things happen that were not good things.
    We all know that guns, in and of themselves, cannot load and shoot themselves. People can and do all the time. And that is a tragic fact in our society today.
    But who besides me remembers Prohibition and the crime and mayhem stemming from it? And here in America, a person wanting guns can ALWAYS get them from the black market. You might be stopping people who are not ever going to be a problem, but it means nothing to the solid criminals. They always know how to get the guns, and so many countries are willing and quite able to get them as many as they want.
    This is not something I want to see either. I have been working in the school districts for years, and so we have to practice “active shooter” type exercises all the time. Some of my children are barely past babies, and most of my children are special needs. So it is particularly frightening, and I would have to put my own self in front of a shooter to protect my children, not because the school requires that, but because I love my school children – all of them, and I could not in good conscience allow any of them to be hurt if I possibly could prevent it.
    You have probably heard this side of the argument before, but I needed to remind people of the reality of the situation. All we can do that might work is to provide more education for the general public. But those who are going to get guns and use them for criminal purposes will keep getting what they want because just about every country outside the U.S. will sell it to them.
    Once again, to anyone who reads this and wants to carry on an argument, there is no need to do so because I understand both sides of the issue. It is truly very sad the way things are, but there is much more to this issue besides the guns. What about drug control? Human trafficking control? What about hate crimes? Yes, our country and others are full of violence, but in this case, we need to look to root cause, and root cause is way beyond the availability of guns. Thank you very kindly.


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