Flashback Friday-Drumline (2002)

Talent is a wonderful thing. It is an innate skill that gives us the initial momentum go for whatever or whomever we want to be. But talent will only get us so far. It takes hard work and drive to succeed.

In the 2002 film, Drumline, Devon (Nick Cannon) is a street drummer from New York City who has talent to burn. He is recruited by Dr. Lee (Orlando Jones) to enroll in a Southern university and join the drumline of the school’s marching band.

Devon thinks that his talent is enough to get him to the top. As we all learn sooner or later, talent will only get you so far. But he has enough charisma and charm to form a relationship with Laila (Zoe Saldana), the dance captain of the marching band.

Movies in this genre usually fall into one of two categories: preachy and predictable or fun and entertaining. Though the message of the film is that hard work plus talent equals success, it’s nice to watch the message packed into an entertaining film.

I recommend it.

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