The Lost Queen Book Review

A myth is a story in which facts are either lost, forgotten or pushed aside. The issue that sometimes comes up with myths is that as the facts disappear, so do the real people whose lives the myth is based on.

In the new book, The Lost Queen, by Signe Pike, Languoreth is a young lady growing up in 6th century Scotland. Her world is slowly changing. Christianity is starting to take hold in a land in which the ancient pagan religion has had a hand in every aspect of life for centuries.

While her twin brother, Lailoken will become a warrior and druid known to future generations as Merlin, Languoreth’s fate is that of generations of women before her and after her. Though she is in love with the warrior Maelgwn, she cannot marry as she chooses. As a princess, her marriage is an alliance of two kingdoms, not of two people.

Her betrothed is Rhydderch, the younger son of a High King who is taken with Christianity. Languoreth is in between a rock and a hard place. Politically, she must adhere the ways of the family that she has married into. Personally, she must find a way to remain true to herself and stand up for what she believes is right.

This book is amazing. It takes a gifted writer to successfully mingle history, myth and facts into a narrative that is pleasing to a reader. Ms. Pike has not only written what is a very enjoyable book, she has brought back to life a heroine that has been lost to annals of history. Languoreth is not the “someday my prince will come” type of princess. She is bold, she is adventurous, she is intelligent and is more than willing to do what needs to be done to defend her people.

I absolutely recommend it.

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