It’s One Thing to Detain Migrants Temporarily, It’s Another Thing to Treat Them as Sub-Human

The United States has the unique distinction among the countries of the world to have citizens whose ancestry is from everywhere. There is no other country in which multiple people can say that somewhere on their family tree, a relative was born somewhere else and made their way to America.

The problem is that many forget this fact.

Pictures released over the last couple of days have revealed inhuman conditions that migrants are being held in at our Southern border.

These are human beings who are being treated as sub-human. Even if they may have technically broken the law, they did not leave their homes and families for sh*ts and giggles. They left dangerous conditions and trekked hundreds if not thousands of miles with the hope that the United States would provide refuge and opportunity.

What is worse is that these migrants are not single adults. They are families with young children, many of whom have been separated from the adults they depend on. This is not only a travesty of justice, it is a travesty of human rights and everything that is wrong with the world.

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