Is It Possible To Retain a Reasonable Number of Parking Spots While Ensuring Bicyclists Safety in New York City?

Anyone who has ever lived in or visited New York City call tell you that a parking spot is worth it’s weight in gold. Finding a spot requires luck and perhaps paying for a garage or for street parking.

Many choose to bike to get around, either for personal or professional reasons. The Mayor’s Vision Zero plan promises to keep those are not in a car safe while traveling via bicycle or walking.

As of this month, 15 bicyclists have been killed by a car or truck, three in the last few weeks alone.

I haven’t driven a car in more than decade. I haven’t ridden a bike since high school. But I am New York City resident who understands that there has to be a balance. Pedestrians and bicyclists deserve the right to get to their destination without being hit by a car or truck. Drivers deserve the right to get around the city without having to completely yield to those are not driving. They also deserve the right to be able to park within a reasonably close distance to their final destination.

I think, in the end, it comes down to two things: common sense and following the rules of the road. Common sense and following the rules of the road won’t completely prevent accidents. But if followed, have a chance to reducing the number of accidents and keeping both drivers and bicyclists safe.

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