Flashback Friday-Bar Rescue (2011-Present)

On the surface, working for yourself and opening your own business seems like the perfect antidote to the drudge of the 9-5 corporate world. But the reality is different than the image of the surface. Most businesses close within ten years of opening their doors.

The television show Bar Rescue (2011-Present) aims to change that. Based on the UK show of the same name, the premise of the show is to help the owners of failing bars keep their doors open. Hosted by Jon Taffer, owners turn to Taffer and his team to discover why their bar is failing and provide help to keep it open. The resolution often includes the firing of staff, changes of policy and alteration of the menu.

Though Bar Rescue is a reality show, it’s interesting. As a viewer, you root for the bar owner, hoping that they will heed Taffer’s advice and do everything they can to keep their establishment open. But, as the old saying goes, G-d helps those who helps themselves.

I recommend it.

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