Thoughts On the 40th anniversary of The Muppet Movie

There are certain movies that no matter how old you get, they instantly take you back to childhood.

One of those films is The Muppet Movie. This year is the film’s 40th anniversary.

Kermit the Frog (voiced by the late Jim Henson) is happily living in his swamp, dreaming of the day when he is a star in Hollywood. While playing on his banjo and singing his signature song “Rainbow Connection“, an agent approaches Kermit about pursuing a career in show business. Intrigued by the idea, he leaves his swamp and heads to Los Angeles.

On route to California, Kermit meets his soon to be best friends: Miss Piggy (voiced by Frank Oz), Fozzie Bear (also voiced by Frank Oz) and The Great Gonzo (Dave Goelz). He also meets Doc Hopper (the late Charles Durning), who will do anything to convince Kermit to be the spokes-frog for his Frog Legs chain restaurant.

This movie has humor, heart, nostalgia and of course, one of greatest final numbers of any movie musical.

I think it says something that decades after a film is released, it is remembered as fondly as The Muppet Movie is. It has entertained four decades of young audiences; I hope that it entertains young audiences for decades to come.


Flashback Friday-Extra (1994-Present)

The 7PM hour is an interesting hour on the television schedule. In between the end of the news and the start of the evening prime time shows, this hour might be considered by some viewers as the time to turn off the television.

Extra (1994-Present) premiered in 1994. It’s your basic entertainment news program. The focus of the show is everything and anything in Hollywood.

Yesterday, I wrote about Entertainment Tonight. My review of Extra is the same as it was yesterday for Entertainment Tonight. I would honestly turn off the TV for an hour rather than waste my time and electricity on a program that is mindless.

Do I recommend it? Not really.

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