Thoughts On the Equinox/SoulCycle Controversy

Voting with one’s wallet is often just as powerful as voting at the ballot box on election day. The problem with voting with our wallet is that we sometimes let our outrage and emotions speak for us instead of behaving rationally.

The latest kerfuffle surrounds Stephen Ross, the billionaire businessman who owns Equinox and SoulCycle. When it was announced that he would be hosting a fundraiser for you know whose 2020 Presidential re-election campaign, the reaction was swift and furious.

While my political beliefs fall in line with those who are angered by the decision, I don’t agree that Mr. Ross should be bullied into cancelling the fundraiser. Granted, he earns his living from the membership fees that are paid to both organizations. However, if this fundraiser is done on his time and his dime, then it should be live and let live.

Imagine that the shoe is on the other foot. Mr. Ross is hosting a fundraiser for the incumbent Democratic President who is running for a second term. This President has enacted policies have not gone over well with conservative and right wing Americans. The backlash comes from the right and not the left.

The problem in the United States these days, at least from a political angle is that we are so divided that we are not listening to the other side. Anyone in any relationship, romantic or otherwise, would say that the first step in repairing a fractured relationship is to listen. Until we start listening to other side, this country will never be able to heal.

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