Shoshana Ovitz: From Auschwitz to 400 Descendants

Among the Nazi death camps that are the grave sites for millions, Auschwitz is the most notorious death camp. Shoshana Ovitz was one of the lucky few to survive Auschwitz.

Earlier this week, Mrs. Ovitz celebrated her 104 birthday at the Western Wall with 400 of her descendants.

Hitler and the Nazis did everything in their power to destroy us. They took our rights away. They took our homes away. They treated as less than human. They tortured us, enslaved us, starved us and tried to kill us.

But Am Yisrael Chai, the Jewish people live. We may be small in number, but we are mighty and we will stay true to who we are.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Ovitz. May you have nothing but naches and love for many years to come.


Flashback Friday-See Jane Date (2003)

A wedding can be a glorious event. But if your single and your loved ones have well meaning and bothersome ideas about setting you up, going to a wedding may not be so glorious.

In 2003 TV movie See Jane Date, Jane Grant (Charisma Carpenter) needs a boyfriend ASAP. Her cousin’s wedding is coming up and she has stated that she has a boyfriend. The problem is that she is single.

Can she find a boyfriend in time to cover the lie she told to her aunt and former high school foe, Natasha Nutley (Holly Marie Combs)?

As I see it, this TV movie falls into the category of harmless and predictable. There is nothing spectacular about the film. However, as standard romcoms go, it’s surprisingly not the worst that I’ve seen.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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