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When Did School Shootings Become the New Normal?

When we send our children to school, we hope that what they learn will help them to become responsible and functioning adults. We don’t send them to school to be killed by their peers.

There was another school shooting today. Just as the school day began at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California, a sixteen-year-old student started to shoot his classmates. As of just a few hours ago, two students were killed and three were injured. The accused gunman is in the hospital with a self-inflicted gun wound.

When did school shootings become the new normal in America? I’d like to turn on the news and see that our children have come home from school safe and sound. In fact, I would like to turn on the news and not hear that innocent lives have been taken because those in power are pussy-footing around gun control.

When I was in school, the idea of a student bringing a gun to school and shooting and/or killing their classmates was a nightmare confined to the world of fiction. The kids today are growing up with this as a reality.

How many innocent young lives will be taken before something is done? What will it take for Congress to finally pass reasonable gun control laws?

I can only imagine the grief of the families of the students killed. May their memories be a blessing and may the loss of these children finally light a fire under the proverbial behinds of those who can stop this madness.

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Throwback Thursday-E! True Hollywood Story (1996-2002)

There is two sides to fame: the name recognition, the extravagant salaries, the clothing that most of will never wear, etc. But there is also a darker side to fame.

E! True Hollywood Story (1996-2002) introduced the viewer to the less than glamorous side of fame. There were stories of scandal, mysteries, secrets and other sordid tales of Hollywood that create headlines for the wrong reasons.

This show is like a car wreck on the highway. As a viewer, you would prefer to watch something else. But this show is addicting and no matter how salacious it is, it’s hard to turn away. It’s no wonder this program was rebooted this year.

Do I recommend it? Maybe.

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