I Wonder if Prince Andrew Would React Differently if His Daughters Were Trafficked For Sex?

Since the beginning of human history, a woman’s value has been solely defined by her sexuality (or lack thereof).

While this idea is thankfully starting to fade, it still has a significant hold on our culture.

When Jeffrey Epstein died of an apparent suicide in August, the scandal he created did not die with him. It has mushroomed into a much larger scandal.

According to news reports, Prince Andrew is accused of taking advantage of the young girls who were also raped and sexually assaulted by Epstein.

I wonder how Prince Andrew would react if his daughters were trafficked for sex? Would he play the innocent card, as he did during the interview with the BBC? Or would he act as a father, horrified that his children were treated as sex slaves?

The problem is that women, especially in cases such as these, are not seen as flesh and blood human beings. We are seen as things to be used as sexual pleasure for men. Until we are seen as complete human beings, women will continue to be trafficked for sex and sexually assaulted.

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