Where Are the Parents of the Accused Killers of Tessa Majors?

The fall semester of one’s freshman year of college is both exciting and scary. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that has the potential to change one’s life forever.

When Tessa Majors‘ parents dropped her off at Barnard College in New York City back in the fall, they expected that their eighteen-year-old daughter would eventually graduate with a bright future. They did not expect that she would be killed by teenagers younger than her.

I know that this is an obvious question, but where are the parents of the accused killers? What kind of parent would allow their thirteen-year-old child to act as they did? Especially going into the park without an adult? Granted these are teenagers and not younger children, but a thirteen-year-old is still a child and still needs some sort of parental supervision.

If there was a way for the parents of the accused to be punished as much as the accused are, I would thoroughly advocate for such a punishment.

My heart breaks for Miss Majors and her family. She had her whole life ahead of her, but someone decided that to take that life.

May her memory be a blessing and may justice be served. Z”l.

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One response to “Where Are the Parents of the Accused Killers of Tessa Majors?

  1. I’m afraid you put way too much weight on the availability and competence of the parents. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to there is no parent, one parent, or a parent on drugs, incarcerated, or became a parent at thirteen.


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