We Miss You, Space Mommy

Courtesy of Vanity Fair

When the average person thinks of the late (and dearly missed), Carrie Fisher, they think of the iconic character she played in the Star Wars film series. Princess turned General Leia was badass, in charge, unapologetic and had no problem telling the boys off.

The woman behind the character was just as badass, in charge, unapologetic and had no problem telling the boys off.

She also was open about her struggles with drug abuse and mental illness. Both are subjects that are touchy and depending on the person, it is a no go conversation wise. But Carrie, in her unique way, was honest and upfront about her usually, almost brutally so. In doing so, she allowed the rest of us to be open and honest about our own battles, whatever they may be.

Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of her passing.

In the words of our mutual ancestors, may her memory be a blessing.


Character Review Preview: Roseanne and The Conners

Dear Reader,

After completing my final character review for The Golden Girls, I decided to take a couple of weeks off from my character review posts.

The new group of characters that I will be reviewing in the new year is from…Roseanne and The Conners.

I look forward to your comments and likes in the weeks to come.

Sincerely, Writergurlny

Throwback Thursday-Fashion Emergency (1997-1999)

A makeover is more than changing your physical appearance. If done right, the makeover could change your life.

Fashion Emergency aired on E! from 1997-1999. Hosted by Emme, the late Leon Hall, and Brenda Cooper, the premise of the show was to do makeovers on the ordinary John and Jane Does.

At the time, Fashion Emergency was the only show of its kind on the air. It was almost captivating to see the transformation of each episode’s subjects. Looking back, I can see how rote the show became, but nevertheless, it was still interesting.

Do I recommend it? I am leaning toward yes.

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