Thoughts on Julian Castro Ending His Presidential Campaign

As the November 3rd draws closer, the race among the Democratic nominees becomes tighter.

Today, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julian Castro announced that he would be ending his Presidential campaign.

I have mixed feelings about this decision. In a sense, as a voter, I have to respect the process. Not every candidate who throws their hat in the ring will win the nomination. There can only be one nominee representing the party.

But the problem with Mr. Castro, resigning from the race, is that it decreases the chances of a person of color winning the nomination. America has always been a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country. But we have recently embraced and accepted that fact. That includes politics.

Only time will tell who wins the Democratic nomination. My hope is that he or she will fully represent this country, especially those who have been disenfranchised simply because of skin color or family background.


Throwback Thursday: Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet (2015-2019?)

Taking your pet to the veterinarian is akin to taking your child to the pediatrician. It it sometimes not easy and may force you to make a difficult decision.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet has been on the Animal Planet schedule since 2015. The shows follows the professional life of Dr. Jeff Young and his staff as they treat their furry and scaly patients in their Colorado Veterinarian office.

Warning: the video shows graphic imagery of surgery. Watch at your own risk if you are squeamish.

I like this program. Though it has not be confirmed if it has been renewed for another season, it is an interesting look at a professional world that few of us have an window on.

I recommend it.

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