A Warning Book Review

What is right and what is easy is often two very different things.

A Warning, by Anonymous was published last fall. Written by an unknown employee of the current Presidential administration, the writer paints in great detail the turmoil of working under you know who as President. He or she tells the story of working under a man who either listens selectively or none at all, cozies up to autocrats and and thinks that he knows it all.

How the reader perceives this book depends on their perspective. If one sides with the administration, it might be perceived as a well written piece of fiction that is siding with the mainstream media. However, if one sides with the writer, it does not provide information that is new. What it does do is calcify the belief that you know who is complete unfit for office.

If there was one section of the book that set my nerves on edge was the section in which the author talked about the President’s sycophants and yes people. Instead of doing what is best for the country, these sycophants and yes people will see this President as an opportunity to achieve their personal goals.

I absolutely recommend it.

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