Thoughts On the Impeachment Trial

Impeaching a political leader is not meant to be done lightly or easily. It is meant for a time when the political leader in question has acted so egregiously, that there is no other choice but to impeach them.

Like many Americans, I have been glued to my TV and my radio, listening to the impeachment trial of you know who.

Ideally, we should be paying attention without being partisan. We should be listening to the facts and making a judgement for ourselves, instead of letting politics get in the way. But this is far from ideal and unfortunately, impeachment by nature is not bi-partisan.

As I see it, nothing that the President’s defense has said has swayed my opinion. Instead of presenting hardcore information, they spew the same half truths and lies. Now granted, the President of the United States is given certain powers because of their position. But they are not a one person band in the corridors of power.

Our founders purposefully created three branches of government. They knew that at some point in the future, there would be a President who believed that they alone knew how to run the country.

Some people have asked why impeachment is being forced on the nation instead of letting the ballot boxes speak in November. In another Presidential election season with another Republican incumbent, no one would ever consider impeachment. But given that we have used car salesman wanna be demagogue for a President, this trial is absolutely necessary.

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