Flashback Friday-Ancient Aliens (2009-Present)

Since the beginning of humanity, there have been questions of if there is life beyond Earth.

Ancient Aliens has been part of The History Channel lineup since 2009. The premise of the show is that aliens have been visiting Earth since the time of the dinosaurs. Using historical facts, archaeology and legends, the show tries to prove that we have been visited by aliens for millions of years.

I don’t watch this show often, but I get the feeling that the science is not exactly legit. If you watch this show for entertainment purposes, it’s fine to watch. But if one watches it wanting proof that Earth has been visited by aliens for several millennia, I don’t know the proof provided is enough to legitimatize the claims being made.

Do I recommend it? Not really.

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One response to “Flashback Friday-Ancient Aliens (2009-Present)

  1. If you want serious science on the subject , there’s much better stuff on Youtube.


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