New Randy Rainbow Video-“The CORONAVIRUS Lament – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody”

It has been said that in challenging times, how one responds to that challenge speaks volumes.

Last night, Randy Rainbow released his newest video, The CORONAVIRUS Lament – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody.

Based on the song Adelaide’s Lament from the 1950’s musical, Guys and Dolls, Rainbow paints a picture as only he can of a President and a Presidential administration whose head is in the literal sand.

I read somewhere (though I don’t recall where and I cannot find a link) that the comparisons between for President Jimmy Carter and his handling of the Iranian hostage crisis and the way you know who is not reacting as he should to this crisis. The writer predicted that like Jimmy Carter, you know who will be a one term President.

From this person’s mouth to G-d and the voter’s ears.

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