Idiocy During the Coronavirus

During a crisis, the last thing anyone wants is to let conspiracy theories, lies, half truths and general foolishness dominate the headlines. We need clear minds, experts who know what they are talking and politicians who are doing what needs to be done to end the crisis.

While most of us are dealing with the coronavirus are using logic and forethought, there are some idiots who are bending the crisis to meet their perspectives.

Idiocy #1

Some within the right wing believe that the virus is a hoax and a lie. Those who are making the accusations are not the average person on the street. They are the well known pundits with millions of followers who follow every word they say. What happens when one of these followers is told that they have the coronavirus by a doctor? Is is still a hoax and a lie?

Idiocy #2

People still going out to bars and drinking in close quarters in spite of the warnings from the CDC and government officials. I am all for going out to a bar to get a drink with friends, but given the circumstances, drinking at home is best.

Idiocy #3

Blaming the Jews, the Chinese or any other minority for the virus. Or better yet, claiming that it was created by the accused minority group to wreak havoc on the rest of the world. Do these people have nothing better to do with their time than create and spread lies?

My hope is that at some point, logic and truth will win out. But until then, the idiocy continues.


Tips for Working From Home During the Coronavirus

Like many people in white collar jobs, the coronavirus has forced me to work from home. Its far from easy and I would prefer to be in the office. But, given the current situation, I would rather be safe than sorry. I would like to share some tips to make working from home during this difficult period just a little easier.

  • Don’t treat it as a free vacation day. Take your work as seriously as you would be as if you were in the office.
  • Don’t work from your bed. Work in an area in your home that allows you to be a functional employee.
  • Don’t work in your pajamas. You may not have to put on a suit or formal slacks, but get dressed in some capacity. Even if that means wearing a favorite concert t-shirt and comfy pants (which sounds pretty good to me).
  • Treat it as a regular workday. Start and end your day as you would normally.
  • Take regular breaks and if you can, go outside for a few minutes. There is nothing like fresh air to lift your spirits.
  • As tempting as it is, don’t go into the refrigerator every five minutes. Snack, if you feel the need to, on a regular schedule.
  • Turn the TV off while you are working. I don’t know about anyone else, but TV as much as I enjoy it, it is a distraction. If you are missing the sounds of the office like I am, I find that putting on music or podcasts makes up for the silence.
  • Try to avoid looking at your personal email and social media. If you have to move your phone to another room or putting it on silent, do so.

I am aware in writing this post, that not every worker has the luxury of working from home. There are many employees who have to go to work or whose jobs (and paychecks by extension) are hold because of the virus.

No matter what happens during this trying time, we have to stay calm, listen to the experts and stick together. Only then will we come out the other end without losing our minds.

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