Thank You First Responders

As the coronavirus ravages our country and our world, the message is clear. Stay home, avoid large groups and do everything that is reasonably possible to avoid becoming infected. But while most of are working or doing schoolwork from the comfort of our respective homes, there are people who cannot do that. To them, I say thank you.

Thank you to the doctors, the nurses and the administrative staff who are doing their best to keep the hospitals open and running.

Thank you to the pharmacies who stay open, knowing how important the medicines they dispense are to their customers.

Thank you to the police and firemen/women who are keeping us safe and alive in this time of utter chaos.

Thank you to the grocery stores that are still open, feeding us and providing a sense of normalcy.

Thank you to (most of) the politicians, who are doing everything they can to ensure that we, the public are kept in the loop.

It is because of you that we may survive the coronavirus.

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