Bernie Sanders Dropped Out of the 2020 Presidential Race Today

There is something to admire in someone who continues to fight against all odds.

This morning, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) dropped out of the 2020 Presidential race.

Anyone who has read this blog knows that politics wise, I was not a Bernie fan. His politics were a little too left for my taste.

But, I appreciated what he brought to the political arena. He brought to the stage an awareness of those who are usually not seen by the political mainstream. In giving them a voice, he gave them the power and the spotlight that should have been theirs in the first place.

Though he never got past second place in both this year’s election and the 2016 election, his grit, courage, and commitment to what he believed must be nothing but admirable.

Now it’s onto the Presidential election and getting you know out of office.

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