You Know Who To New York City: Drop Dead

A good headline does more than catch the reader’s eye. It can live on long after the particular new story that it is connected to is confined the history books. In the mid-1970s, New York City, like the rest of the United States was in economic turmoil.

When the city government appealed to the feds for help, the response was less than positive. The headline from October 30th, 1975 edition of the New York Daily News was the following: “Ford to City: Drop Dead”.

The Ford referred to in the headline is the late 38th President, Gerald Ford.

Though I was not around back then, I can imagine that the fiscal crisis was similar to what we are going through now.

Cities around the country have appealed, like they did 45 years ago, to the Federal government for help. Covid-19 has forced state and local governments to rearrange their finances to do everything they can do defeat the virus. This has led to a fiscal crisis, compelling officials to determine what they can and cannot spend money on. That choice, whatever it is, will not be easy and will raise the ire of more than one person.

We all know that you know who is, unfortunately, a born and bred New Yorker. We also know that he has the emotional temperament and maturity of a spoiled four-year-old child. This morning, Mayor Bill de Blasio asked his fellow New Yorker why he has abandoned his hometown.

In truth, no one should be surprised by the reaction of the President. Instead of doling out funds and resources equally, his choices of where to send aid depends on who is kissing his ass.

Add it to the list of the reasons to vote him out of office in the fall.


Your New Favorite Podcast Should be Thank the Maker: A Star Wars Podcast

There is no doubt that the Star Wars film franchise has millions of fans around the world. This, naturally, results in a large variety of opinions on the subject.

One of my new favorite podcasts is Thank the Maker: A Star Wars Podcast. The podcast is hosted by musicians and Star Wars fans William Ryan Key (Yellowcard), Adam Russell (Story of the Year), and Nick Ghanbarian (Bayside).

The thing that hooked me with this podcast and keeps me hooked is the intelligent (and sometimes eye-opening) conversations between the hosts and the guests. The most recent episode talked about The Phantom Menace. Though I love the franchise as a whole, I loathe the prequels and The Phantom Menace in particular. As both a writer and a fan, these movies fall short of the reputation that was crafted by their predecessors.

One of the topics that were brought up during the most recent episode was the glossing over of midi-chlorians. In laymen’s terms, midi-chlorians are the microscopic-sized life forms that if exist in significant numbers in an individual, give that individual Force abilities.

Writing-wise, the question asked was why midi-chlorian and the role they played in the conception of Anakin Skywalker (Jake Lloyd) was not given it’s due. Instead of being a major part of the narrative, it was a throw-away line that only the most ardent Star Wars fan would have noticed.

With most of us locked in our homes nearly 24/7, intelligent conversation seems to be one of those things that we are relying on to keep us sane. I will take any intelligent conversation about Stars Wars, especially these days.

That, dear reader is why Thank the Maker: A Star Wars Podcast is my new favorite podcast and it should be yours as well.

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