RIP Richard Hake

In good times, a trusted journalist is the comfort we look forward to when we turn on the news. In bad times, that same trusted journalist has the potential to be our lone source of sanity in an insane world.

New York City lost one of her most beloved and trusted journalists last week. WNYC anchor and Morning Edition regular Richard Hake died on Friday due to natural causes.

Journalism is not what it used to be. Many traditional newspapers have either folded completely or are only offering their content on a digital platform. The basic questions that any journalist would ask (who, what, when, why, and how) are tinged with political partisanship. We watch and read the news not just to be informed, but to confirm our views on the world.

It takes a seasoned and respected journalist to not just report the news, but share it in a way that appeals to everyone. Richard Hake was one of those journalists.

May his memory be a blessing. Z”l.

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