Thoughts On the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

From a distance war seems glamorous and heroic. Up close is a very different story.

Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

When I think of VE Day and World War II, I think of those who gave their lives for the freedoms we don’t think twice about. I also think about those who because of a twist of fate, were casualties of this war.

Both of my late grandfathers (Z”L) fought in World War II. They were part of a generation of men and women who understood the sacrifice that is war and the courage it takes to stand up for one’s country.

May the memories of all those who fought and died during those horrific years forever be remembered for the heroes they truly are.



Jogging While Black: The Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

If there is one sin that America has yet to truly face to up to, it is racism.

The latest victim of this insidious hatred is Ahmaud Arbery.

Back in February, Mr. Arbery was out jogging, bothering no one. Father and son duo Gregory and Travis McMichael decided that jogging while black is a crime. Believing that Mr. Arbery was responsible for a series of recent break-ins, they shot him dead.

The unnecessary loss of this man is heartbreaking. What is even more heartbreaking is that today would have been his 26th birthday.

Thing I would ask the men accused of killing him is if they believed that he was the perpetrator of the break-ins, why didn’t they just call the police? Or is one African-American male interchangeable from another?

I’m not African-American, but I am an American and a human being. My heart breaks for those who loved Mr. Arbery and must find a way to live on without him. My hope is that justice is served and Mr. Arbery will be the last person of color who is targeted and/or killed because of their race. But hope in this case, always springs eternal. Especially when it comes to the dicey issues of race and race relations.

May the memory of Ahmaud Arbery be a blessing.

Flashback Friday-Too Cute (2011-2014)

I think it goes without saying that babies, whether human or animals are generally viewed as adorable.

The Animal Planet series, Too Cute (2011-2014), told the story of the first few weeks of an animal’s life. Focusing on three different animals (usually cats or dogs), the show follows the specific animal from the age of eight weeks to twelve weeks.

Warning: This episode contains brief scenes of birth.

The title of this program is nothing put perfect. Watching these puppies and kittens grow from newborns to active young animals is nothing short of inspiring and to borrow a from the title of the show, too cute. This is one of those programs that when I am feeling down, always manages go pick me up.

I recommend it.

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