Obamagate is Nothing But a Cover-up

In a normal world, someone who lives and breathes conspiracy theories would be derided as a lunatic (for lack of a better word) and hopefully ignored. But we don’t live in a normal world.

The latest laughable statement to come out of the White House and you know who can be described in one word: Obamagate. In a nutshell, former President Obama is accused of doing the job the American people hired him to do.

As usual, you know who is vague in the details of the accusation, but rushes to judgement. In reality, this is nothing more than a cover-up. The cover-up is that he and his administration failed to protect the United States from Covid-19. Instead of fessing up that mistakes were made, he falsely accuses his predecessor of being at the head of a made up conspiracy.

The difference between a mature person and an immature person is how they respond when they make a mistake. The mature person recognizes their error and at the very least, promises to learn from said error. The immature person blames others and tries to bluff their way out of the error.

It’s not a stretch to guess who is the mature one and who is the immature one in this so called “Obamagate”. Add it to the list of reasons to vote Democrat in November.


Flashback Friday: Food Paradise (2007-2018)

A good meal is more than physical nourishment. It is a pleasurable experience that lingers in our memories long after the meal is done. Especially when we are on vacation and eating something that we normally would not eat at home.

Food Paradise aired on both Travel Channel and then on Food Network from 2007-2018. Each episode focuses on a different type of food, introducing the audience to mouth watering dishes from different restaurants across the country.

I’m not a foodie, but my mouth frequently drops when I watch this program. The dishes presented to the audience are nothing short of amazing. Depending on one’s food tastes, one might be tempted to take a trip to wherever the restaurant is located to try the dish they saw on television.

I recommend it.

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