There is no Equivalent Between George Floyd and the Palestinian “Cause”

When George Floyd was murdered two weeks ago, it was more than the taking of a life. His death is sadly the personification of everything the things that humanity needs to fix.

That being said, there is a difference between protesting injustice and taking advantage to promote one’s personal crusade.

The most recent Palestinian lie is to link their “cause” to George Floyd and the protests that have erupted around the world in the last two weeks.

If there was a legit issue, that would be one thing. Not that everything the IDF or the Israeli government does is perfect. But they have at least attempted to live in peace with their neighbors. I cannot say the same for the Palestinians.

What happened to George Floyd, I would not wish on anyone. I would also not wish for his memory to be co-opted for a deliberately created falsehood.


The Rock Speaks the Truth

These days, one’s head would have to be in the sand to not recognize the multiple crisis’s we are living through.

Unfortunately, the man we elected to the highest political office in the United States has pushed his head so deep in the sand that it has yet to fully emerge.

Yesterday, YouTube released a video in which actor/WWE superstar The Rock pleads with you know who to do the job American voters hired him to do.

Now if only you know who would listen.

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