The Belgian Antisemitic Rally & Death’s Head Revisited: Drop Them into Auschwitz for the Night

In a certain sense, humans are stupid creatures. We are well aware of the failures that exist in our collective history. But instead of learning from those mistakes, we make them again and again.

Earlier in this week, a pro-Palestinian rally in Belgium turned antisemitic. Which should be a surprise no one.

Back in November of 1961, The Twilight Zone aired an episode called Death’s-Head Revisited. The premise of the episode is as follows: a former SS officer smugly decides to visit Dachau, where he was responsible for the deaths of innocents. To say that he receives his comeuppance is an understatement.

To those who would deny the Holocaust or advocate for the murder of Jews today, I would recommend that they be dropped into Auschwitz (or any concentration camp) for the night. Let the ghosts of those murdered teach them a lesson they will never forget.


Flashback Friday: River Monsters (2009-2017)

For centuries, humans have made up stories of mythical creatures found in the oceans. Though we live in the 21st century in which science and logic tell us otherwise, there are still stories of what could be swimming beneath the waves.

River Monsters aired on Animal Planet from 2009-2017. The show follows angler and biologist Jeremy Wade as he investigates stories of creatures who existence has been whispered about, but never fully confirmed.

This is not my favorite show on the Animal Planet schedule. However, it is an interesting program. Utilizing both science and the myths, he tells a story in a way that is down to earth and recognizes the ecological importance of the animal to its environment.

I recommend it.

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