#AnneFrank-Parallel Stories Review

To some, the Holocaust is ancient history. In 2020, we have more pressing problems to occupy our time with. But the Holocaust was only 80 years ago, and the issues from that era are as prevalent now as they were then.

#AnneFrank-Parallel Stories is one of the newest releases on Netflix. With a voice-over by Helen Mirren, this documentary tells the story of Anne Frank while telling the stories of other women who are among the few to have survived. While Mirren reads from Anne’s diary, the audience follows a young woman as she travels across Europe, asking questions that frankly, need to be asked.

I’ve seen many Holocaust films over the years. What makes it different is that it hard-hitting, emotional, and squarely aimed at the younger viewers. If I have walked away from this movie with one message, it is that we have a chance to ensure that the Holocaust in any variation never happens again. That requires asking difficult questions and learning from the mistakes of our predecessors.

I recommend it.

#AnneFrank-Parallel Lives is available for streaming on Netflix.


Covid-19 is not Harmless

Harmless is defined as something or someone that is inoffensive or not likely to cause harm.

In one of his most recent speeches, our not so brilliant commander-in-chief claimed that 99% of all Covid-19 cases are harmless.

Try telling that to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are grieving the loss of loved ones due to the virus. Or, to the 50,000 people, who in the last day, discovered that they are now sick.

One might describe the common cold as harmless. It lasts about a week, you take the OTC medicine of your choice and it goes away.

Covid-19 is not harmless. According to projections by the CDC, nearly 150,000 lives are expected to be lost by the end of the month. Millions are unemployed or underemployed. The economy (one of the major factors in choosing who to vote for in a Presidential election) is in the toilet.

This is all due to a used car salesman man child and the sycophants around him who are more concerned with saving their own skins than doing what is right for the country.

If we know what is good for us, you know who will be a one term President. If we don’t, then I am truly afraid for the future of the United States.

P.S. Does anyone else find it deliciously ironic that Kimberly Guilfoyle is just one of several of his campaign staffers that contracted the virus?

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