So Much For “Draining the Swamp”

On the campaign trail, voters are used to hearing promises that may never come to pass once the election is done.

Back in 2016, you know who promised to drain the swamp. Instead of draining the swamp, it was refilled to benefit him and those around him.

Last week, Roger Stone was found guilty of obstruction, witness tampering and lying to Congress. He was facing three years in jail. When you know who pardoned Mr. Stone, it shocked no one.

He is the latest in a long line of associates who have been convicted and/or sentenced for illegal acts.

If one is judged by those who they regularly spend time with, then it would be logical to say that you know who surrounds himself with crooks and sycophants. They are more concerned with their needs than ensuring that the needs of the average citizen are met.

We need and deserve political leaders who recognize that their job is to serve the country, not the other way around.


Maxwell and Finnegan Are the Perfect Reminder That Love is Possible

These days, its hard not to become cynical about the events in the news. But it all it takes is the simple friendship of two young boys that love is still possible.

Last fall, the internet was introduced to Maxwell and Finnegan, two toddlers from New York City who are best friends. Running into each other’s arms for a movie style hug, they touched the hearts and minds of everyone who saw the video.

Last week a video surfaced on Twitter of the two boys walking hand in hand, wearing masks.

These children, without knowing it, are teaching us adults simple lessons of friendship and decency.

It is a lesson that is badly needed these days.

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