Which POV is Preferable?

When a writer sits down to create a fictional world, one of the questions that comes up is which POV or point of view they should use? In a well written book, this element of crafting fiction is not one of the first things that a reader pays attention to.

That being said, the question, which POV is preferable? But before we can answer the question, we have to explore the types of POVs.

  • 1st person: In this perspective, everything the reader sees is via the main character. The pronoun of “I” dominates in this POV. For example: “I ate”, “I did”, or “I walked”.
  • 2nd person: Every action is filtered via the narrator who talks directly to reader. “You” is pronoun of choice. Examples of this POV are: “you danced with her” or “you typed on the computer”.
  • 3rd person: Like 2nd person, the reader is taken through the story by the narrator. But instead of referring to the characters as “you”, they are referred to as “he” or “she”. Examples of this are “she got on the train” or “he bought a gallon of milk”.
  • 3rd person omniscient: Similar to 3rd person, the narrator refers to the characters by their pronouns. But in this POV, the narrator knows what each character is thinking and feeling. This perspective also allows the reader to jump from character to character. Examples of this are “she liked the house” or “he did not like the beach”.

Now that we have gone over the different POVs, we have to decide which one to use.

I think this question is highly subjective. It depends on the writer and the story they are telling. My experience also tells me that it is not an active choice by the writer, but chosen subconsciously for that particular narrative.

Writers, which POV do you prefer?

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  1. mphtheatregirl

    The only point of view I have been using is 3rd person.


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