RIP John Lennon

Every once in a while, an artist comes along whose genius straddles genres, labels, and generations.

The late John Lennon was one of these artists. Today is the 40th anniversary of his assassination in New York City.

Lennon was more than a musician. He was iconic of his time, representing the changes that America and the world was going through. As both a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, his ability to create music is nothing short of legendary. Decades after his passing, modern musical artists still look back on Lennon with respect and admiration.

I grew up with Lennon and the Beatles. Like many millennials, my parents are baby boomers who came of age during Beatlemania. When I was a child, my parents would often put on the local oldies station in the car. As I got older, I learned to appreciate how timeless his work is.

Wherever he is, may his memory forever be a blessing.


What is David Perdue Afraid Of?

Anyone with the most basic knowledge of how democracy works knows that a debate between the candidates is an important part of the election process.

For some reason, Georgia Senator David Perdue decided to skip the debate against opponent Jon Ossoff on Sunday.

The obvious question that I see is to ask what Senator Perdue is afraid of? Is he apprehensive about answering questions about the accused stock trade he made earlier this year, just as Covid-19 hit the country? Or is there something else he wants to hide from the voters of Georgia?

Just as an FYI for those who do not read my blog regularly, I live in New York. I cannot vote in this particular Senate race. That being said, his choice of being somewhere else on Sunday brings up questions that cannot be ignored.

Sometimes, we learn everything we need to know about a person or topic by silence. This is one of those times. The fact that Senator Perdue was conspicuously absent speaks volumes.

Nurses Review

The first day on any new job is often confusing and/or head spinning.

The new medical drama Nurses aired last night on NBC. Grace (Tiera Skovbye), Natasha (Ashley Collins), Keon (Jordan Johnson-Hinds), Nazneen (Sandy Sidhu), and Wolf (Donald MacLean Jr.) are all rookie nurses. New hires at the fictional St. Mary’s hospital, the pilot follows them as they try to adapt during their first day on the job. If they expected an easy work day, their expectations immediately go out the window. And then, like all television dramas, the personal lives of the characters come into play, making work just a little more complicated.

I watched the first episode last night. So far, so good. The cast is well chosen and the narrative is compelling. Only time will tell if the series lasts. But overall, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour of our television watching time.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

Nurses airs on NBC on Monday nights at 10PM.

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