Thought On the First Night of Chanukah and the First Anniversary of the Jersey City Shooting

History is not always made by the powerful. It is sometimes made by those who have been pushed to the margins of society. It is easy to remain quiet and just go about your business. It is infinitely harder to stand up for your rights and beliefs.

Today is the first night of Chanukah.

Today is also the first anniversary of the shooting in Jersey City. Motivated by antisemitism, the killers walked into a kosher grocery store and started shooting. They killed four innocent people, two of whom were targeted because they were Jewish.

As I write this post, I write it in honor of the victims who are not here to celebrate the holidays with us this year.

May their memories forever be a blessing.

P.S. I thought I would lighten the mood a little, because after all, Chanukah is a celebration of overcoming adversity and the push to assimilate. Thank you, Daveed Diggs for making us laugh and smile in this time of darkness.


A First in America: The President Demands That The Election Be Overturned

When a political leader demands that an election be changed to favor them, it usually does not happy in the United States. It usually occurs in another country, thousands of miles away, where democracy and human rights are on shaky ground.

For the first time in this country’s history, the President has demanded that the will of the voters be ignored so he can have another four years in office.

What is worse is that 17 states have filed a lawsuit to overturn the results of the election.

I don’t know what is worse, the tantruming man-child we have to refer to as President or those who continue to support this wasteful and fruitless effort to protect their careers.

The scariest thing I find about this unnecessary dragging out of the election is that you know who may not be the first politician with autocratic tendencies. Someone may come along in the future, who is slicker and smarter than he is, and actually destroy the democracy that is the foundation of the United States.

I don’t know what it will take to wake this country up, but we must do it sooner than later. If we don’t, then the country we love maybe forever consigned to the history books.

Throwback Thursday: Here’s The Thing (2011-Present)

From the outside looking in, radio is not what it used to be. But, upon further inspection, one would discover that podcasts are the 21st century version of what was traditionally the radio.

The podcast, Here’s The Thing has been hosted by Alec Baldwin since 2011. After nearly a decade of airing on WNYC, it has recently moved to iHeartRadio. On the podcast, Baldwin sits down with influential people from the worlds of politics, art/entertainment, and sports.

I enjoy this podcast. Baldwin has an easy, down to earth demeanor, allowing his interviewees to open up and introduce the listener to the person behind persona.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

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